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  • Pynx was established in 1998 in Breda, The Netherlands. In the past years, the company has grew from supplier in promotional items into a solid supply chain management company specialized in supplying consumer goods for business-to-business companies and the retail industry, namely in European market. We have a broad experience and knowledge in different product categories, able to give customer’s valuable advices in every aspect. One of our strengths is managing end-to-end supply chain of OEM projects and any customized products. Speaking from scratch drawing concept developing till a real product that can launch to your final customers business markets. Through the years, we have been building trustworthy customers, reliable vendors and set up global operations in order to fulfilling the highest standards and conditions of customers in a long-term base. Till now, we have the capacity and flexibility helping our customers to get the optimized result. Our main mission is aiming to support our customers and our suppliers in the complete process and help them to make it feasible. Moreover, we are continuing improving ourselves to gain more success and seeking for future growth of innovative supply chain.


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    Pynx has a well-experienced team in Hong Kong / Shenzhen office who is leading by European management. This team manages the end-to-end supply chain in every stage of sourcing, product development, monitoring the manufacture processes, inspections/IPQC’s/audits and delivering to our customer’s warehouse worldwide. Another important role is the key contact for international sales keeping the smooth communication between customers and suppliers. Meanwhile, this is the main base that operates the global network by responding the trends in consumer and production markets at high efficiency speed.

icon Ethical Sourcing

By providing sourcing services across different kinds of products to corporates and retailers. Our global sourcing policy on all products has been established by committing towards our customers and suppliers being more sustainable. This policy applies to different kind of materials product categories; each product category has its own measured policy to meet standards and relevant certifications. Therefore our Ethical Sourcing team has thorough and extensive procedures in assessing suppliers on each step. Our whole team must follow the determined protocols in order to find the best partner. In this way, we can ensure we deliver the best products with reasonable costing at the same time responsible towards our community and environment.

icon Corporate Social Responsibility

Caring the community and environment is the way in which we do business. While giving manufacturing projects and finding the best partners will be considered all circumstances where we show big responsibility and respect towards our society. All factories must meet social compliance and an established code of conduct. Pynx check the materials being used and developed in the supply chain. Another important goal is to support positive social and environment community.

icon Quality management

Pynx ensures in delivering the high qualitative product for every customer. Managed by our expertise team who is all qualified professionals in Quality. They assist and guide our suppliers, factories, and vendors in product compliance and manufacturing processes. Besides of that, our PM/QC team monitors production so that we are always on time.

icon Inspection

A big asset is that we have an extensive QC/QC team who is responsible for quality assurance, factory audit of all facilities, ensuring meeting social compliances and customer’s requirements by following our factory audit guidelines and vendor performance rating system on quality, cost and delivery. Other than that, our inspection protocols are to ensure all shipments are inspected during IPQC and Final QC. Inspection reports are filed in our database.

icon Global logistics

We are also responsible to deliver the goods to any destination customer required. Pynx offers a customer-required logistics service, this means we design the most suitable logistic service towards including warehousing, repacking, freight forwarding, consolidation and DDU/DDP throughout all over the world.

icon After sales service

After all, we also provide after-sales support after merchandise has been sold. Some of the products have limited life cycle and under time constraints, but some regards generating repeat customers. So we like to assist customer correct instructions and support customers with our ongoing relationships with suppliers. Pynx will ensure customer satisfaction.

icon Product development/OEM project

We bring customer’s concept become reality. Customers come to us with a specific design and/or need help in conceptualizing products fitting their theme, Pynx team are standby on every step in brainstorming, designing, sourcing and prototyping, no matter what, we will think of the best supply chain solution for our customers.

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